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Let Us Value Your Property

The Property Gallery estate agents in San Eugenio, Costa Adeje, Tenerife is established since 1997 and consequently have clients waiting to buy properties in many complexes and areas already. If you own a property and looking to sell, please contact us for a FREE valuation.

We work on NO SALE NO FEE system and if you decide to give us the property to sell on your behalf we will do, at no extra cost:

  • VALUE your property.
  • COMPREHENSIVE market analysis report.
  • PHOTO & VIDEO of your property
  • ADVERTISE your property - there are many options available, i.e. on our website, our office windows, local newspaper, on the internet (various web sites & social media), for sales sign on your house/apartment, etc.
  • ACCOMPANIED VIEWING always with one of our sales representatives.

When selling your property, there are certain documents that you need to provide for us, like:

  • copy of the TITLE DEED or "NOTA SIMPLE"
  • recent utility bills (water & electricity)
  • community fee payments, rates & rubbish collection payments
  • Spanish Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Contact us now and let us do the work for you!

TEL: (00 34) 922 719 925
Mobile: (00 34) 641 946 400

Spanish Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

As you may or may not be aware from 1st June 2013 a new energy efficiency law for Spanish properties was introduced requiring any property for rent or sale after this time to have an "Energy Performance Certificate" also known in Spain as the Certificado de Eficiencia Energetica (CEE), a document describing how efficient the energy consumption is. Each property will be tested and scored on a scale ranging from A to G, with 'A' being extremely efficient and 'G' being particularly inefficient. This measure is a European directive following the Kyoto agreement aiming to increase energy efficiency in buildings and homes in order to protect the environment, and makes it compulsory for all new and existing properties which come onto the market, whether for sale or for rent, to have this certificate.         
How does this affect you and your Property?
All homeowners who want to sell or rent their property (for more than 4 months within a 12 month period) must make this "energy certificate" available to the prospective buyer and/or tenant.

The owner of the home, building, or business premises will be responsible for obtaining and paying for the certificate, which they will need in order to sell or rent their home. In addition to the certificate, each home will also receive a series of recommendations to improve the energy performance of the home and enable it to go up at least one level in the energy efficiency scale. The certificate is valid for 10 years and will only need renewing if modifications or alterations are made to the property within this time.

What penalties are there for not complying?
The penalties for non-compliance with the new energy certification law were published, revealing that fines of between 300 and 6,000 Euros will be levied on owners who fail to comply. The fines will be split into three levels dependent upon the severity of the infraction:
Minor offences: 300-600 Euros, Serious offences: 601-1,000 Euros & Very serious offences: 1,001-6,000 Euros

How to obtain a certificate for your property?
The Property Gallery can organise an energy efficiency certificate for any property owner whether you are an existing or new client. The process involves a visit to the property to take measurements and collect information before drawing up and certifying the report with the local officials.
Prices are depending on size of the property, but generally cost  around 130 Euros if your property is less than 80m2 and 170 Euros if your property is larger than 80 m2.


Show Off Your Home At Its Best

When you are selling it makes sense to ensure that the property appeals to as many prospective buyers as possible, to give you the cutting edge against the ever increasing competition. Depending on the property there are a lot of different ways to go about this, some more simple than others.

The one thing all of us can do is to make sure that everything is spotlessly clean. It may mean cleaning in places that have not been touched for years, but remember a potential buyer is often in and out of a property on a first viewing in 15 - 30 minutes so first impressions are vital.

Besides showing off a clean home it is recommendable that the place is not too cluttered. By putting away all those things that we have become used to have lying about (books, magazines, fridge magnets, ornaments, photographs, clothes, etc.) and this way making the place ''ours'' we are instead trying to create a more neutral atmosphere that would appeal to a wider range of potential buyers.

Ask any agent and they will tell you that showing off a property that is clean, tidy and is empty of occupants sells a lot quicker, as it is easier for the potential buyer to see themselves living in the property there being less distractions and people, children, animals, etc. to put them off.

The clients will always look for things that are wrong with the property or that need fixing, so make sure that everything is in good working order. In some cases this may mean that you need to do update the property and do some refurbishments, for example re-paint and re-tile, and remember - keep to neutral colours!

By "neutralising" your property prior to the Estate Agent visiting and photographing, it will help you to attract more clients and also increase the chance of a sale.

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